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Who to hire for Real Estate Photographs?

Real Estate Drone Photography is a new exiting and beautiful way to show your listings. Real estate agents need to consider some basic information before hiring a drone pilot or drone photography company. Pilots most be FAA license pilots. Make user the company has the proper coverage needed for commercial drone frying.

Ask the company to show you past work, view drone portfolio of aerial photos or videos. Make sure that you have already verified with the company or by local authorities that you can legally fly in the proposed area of the home you want to shoot.

But most important for you, as a Real Estate Agent, videos and aerial photography is the best marketing tools to use for your business.

Drone images can give you an edge over your competition, but like all new exciting tech and marketing you most find the best drone business in your area.

Hired only UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that era licensed. Remember all flights that are being flown for a commercial purpose are regulated by FAA’s jurisdiction of airspace in Part 107.

There are many companies competing in the Miami area, do your homework. You can start with some of the most active like Mapik who have good starting deals at a reasonable prices and covers Weston Palm Beach and Miami , AV Drone Photography in Miami and vtour studios in the Sarasota area some of the main recognized drone business

Why Liability Insurance is important for drone photography?

Pilots can lose control of the drone from a fragile connection and it may end up far away, crash on a nearby house or building, a car, or even worse on someone. Flying drones can be a dangerous business so used a company with drone experience.

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